Various Artists – Siete

Seven (7) is the natural number following six and preceding eight.

“Siete” (spanish translation for ‘Seven’) is also the name that identifies MOODULAB‘s 7th official release and its 2nd original compilation, a compilation that shows the musical essence of seven venezuelan producers, living in seven different places around the world, seven different paths that converge in only one, just good music.

In “Siete”, there’s the essence and particular sound of each one of the producers involved, you’re all welcome aboard this musical journey, guided by its own creators: EmmersonRob ChiriquiCode Deploy (Gino Azuero & Onoffon), ClashV1LPhilcoand Deuda.



emmerson: computers
rob chiriqui: ruthless thoughts
code deploy: advanced
clash: blood moon
v1l: deterrence
philco: 7
deuda: sweet hangover

luis ·crini· garcia
soulful | estudio creativo


Fundado en el año 2011, MOODULAB nace como una plataforma de promoción, difusión y distribución digital de música electrónica, orientada principalmente al género Techno y sus derivados, adoptando a su vez propuestas visuales que establecen un nexo directo con el diverso espectro sonoro del proyecto.

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